Download Fortnite and get started with the ultimate pack of 3 gaming. This game is sure to blow your mind from each and every aspect.

A Detailed Analysis of Fortnite - Best Battle Royale by Epic Games

If you are fed up with old boring games and ugly graphics, get ready to be amused because Fortnite is here for the rescue.

With highly precise detailing graphics, everything will appear to be real, but deep down you know it well that everything in the game is unreal.

The outstanding gameplay series just got unleashed. With a wide variety of modes available, you will never want to quit playing it.

What could be better than a combination of beautiful graphics along with mesmerizing music? You'll get to listen to some of the best-handpicked soundtracks. So let those beats flow down your body and give you goosebumps.

The best part is that you get to play this wonderful game absolutely free. Yes, nothing charged to get started with it.

Interesting Gameplay with variety of modes

When it comes to gameplay, users love it when they get a long and challenging storyline. In the case of Fortnite, you get not just one, but 3 amazing and exciting game modes.

Fortnite: Save the World: Set your mood to zombie slashing, because this mode is entirely based on players chasing some grueling zombies and killing them just for fun. This special survival shooter game is based on surviving from the attack of zombies.

Don't let them eat you! Fight till your last breath because zombies are out for lunch. By default, you play as an individual fighter. However, the game also allows you to play with your family and friends offline with up to 4 players at once.

The aim in this mode is to survive and reach your goal as you shoot down those zombies while making your way to the final destination.

Fortnite: Battle Royale: get ready for the action-packed challenge as you take on up to 100 other opponents in this epic battle royale. Just like every other game with the same theme, the goal of a Battle Royale type match is to become the last man standing.

Enemies from all directions who want to shoot you might surround you. Also, you might find no allies who could help get to the top of the mountain. Remember, everyone is your enemy and take down whoever comes in your way.

You can develop strategies, implement plans and do whatever you want. In this exciting last man standing match, your aim is not to hunt down all enemies. Let them fight in themselves, and see how your opponents are taken down by each other.

You can always change your weapons with the dead ones. Refill your ammo the same way just like in every shooter game. Hide and kill everyone. Become the finalist by hook or crook, because everything is fair in love and war.

Fortnite: Creative: All those creative minds out there, here is your chance to design your very own battle arenas. Everything will be as per your plans and on your terms. Here, each player is given a private island (in-game), where they have the freedom to construct buildings, add and manipulate objects as desired. Isn't it interesting already?

Again, remember that you get to access this mode totally free of cost.

Important Information related to Fortnite - Best Battle Royale by Epic Games (Must consider)

Although the game was previously available on Google Play Store, it is not now. Make sure that you download the game from the official Epic Games website. Do not fall victim to any third-party website claiming to give you a totally clean and safe game download option. You know it well. Interest is full of surprises.

The game offers a wide variety of purchasable stuff. Even though it looks to be cheap, still be clear if you really want to buy it. Users get excited and purchase stuff they don't actually need just because it's cheap and regret later. This game is full of such potential.

The system requirements of this game are relatively high. You must play it only on a high configuration device. Even if it runs perfectly on a medium-end device, DO NOT proceed as it will.

DEFINITELY ruin your hardware some or the other day. Play only on a high-end device.

Mind-blowing Visuals with Realistic 3D Graphics

It's never easy to find a game with some mind-blowing visuals But, here in Fortnite, you'll be shocked and left speechless when you such how beautiful and realistic the graphics are.

Everything will look as if it's real. There is high detailing on almost every object. You'll be able to notice even minor details such as hair and skin texture, cloth wrinkles, scratches on the gun, et...Even the animations are super smooth. This will let you handle your players more efficiently, as animations play a very important role in character controlling.

There is nothing in the front-end that you can complain about. However, if still, the game fails to impress any user, there is definitely something wrong with them.Apart from that, the visuals graphics and the overall front-end will lure you into playing the game more and more.

However, it's a wise decision to give your eyes and device some rest too.The color tone is cool and users will witness an awesome combination of bright and dark colors.

Anyone can easily pick up and play Fortnite Battle Royale on the many platforms available! So, don't waste any more time and start your Victory Royale now!

Download Fortnite on these multiple platforms:

Windows / PC + Mac:



In the latest update, Fortnite offered a 20% discount to all players on its in-game currency V-bucks. However, this discount will only be possible if they made the payment directly to Epic Games through Google or Apple's payment systems.

This action was against the rules that applied to both stores.

Apple removed Fortnite from its App Store on Thursday, and there's no way for new players to install the game on Apple devices.

Google responded a few hours later, and the App was no longer available on Google Play Store.

We will update the new download link for iOS devices as soon as possible.


Fortnite is an epic game, loaded with tons of playable content. It has everything that will make users fan of it in no time. Everything from the gameplay to graphics and visuals is just fantastic. Best suitable for players who are looking for a real shooter game and an RPG game. NOT AVAILABLE on Google Play Store, users must opt for an official epic games website. So, the dream-come-true style realistic shooting game is just a few taps away!

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